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We starting!

No more time wasting.
First budget proposal is going to support people in North Venezuela.
Not all people , I wish!! There is one man, who is working hard to help young people in the area. I wish , I could say more, but Venezuelan government is pretty nasty and I may do more harm than help telling more. I will add more as soon as will have more information approved by him. I don’t want to risk his safety.

Our man at his 50’s is an active sportsman, ex teacher, now dedicates his life to make happier and healthier people there, with a running club and leading a large group of volunteers in the city. He makes activities for the children living in poverty, helping to fund their studies and meals. “The children are our future, the future of this country, none gives enough importance to them, I trust them, I want to teach them how to change the world, show them the way to be independent and not to trust in what this government tells, when nobody is there for support, I stand with them to fight the cruelty of communism in our country, they need this little push, we now want to build a farm and a school, first to provide us our own food, our own supplies, decentralize our lives and health from the government, the initiative to be completely independent, free, and put our children in the way of true freedom”

In November he and his friends organized running race. Funds raised then were used to prepare Christmas dinner  for less fortunate citizens.

AGU budget address is: ad7HVcG9vuj2jG5feoCSt4zoMG2XWeXQPk

If you want to support that budget, you have two ways of doing so:
If you don’t hold Agouti masternode, we will be happy with any AGU coin donations made to address above.
If you are masternode owner, you can send your spare coins to address above OR/AND VOTE for that budget using your Agouti wallet.

To vote YES – type in debug console (whole in one line):
mnbudgetvote many b22160d276af7a31a2b0895767b138b3f1b0d919a074dc5bd1e8de02a5721f70 yes

To vote NO – type in debug console (whole in one line):
mnbudgetvote many b22160d276af7a31a2b0895767b138b3f1b0d919a074dc5bd1e8de02a5721f70 no

You can check voting count by typing mnbudget getinfo in debug window.


As you can see there, that proposal is for 2 payments of 864AGU making total of 1728 AGU. First payment from block 129600 (14th of November 2018), second- last payments from block 216002 – one month later.

If you don’t have AGU coins, but want to support the project, you can buy them pretty cheap here:
or here

You can also donate Bitcoin to 3Nt1DU9sqtNkNHXCg6rnZosM2FhUhvLuUX

Thank you for your support!

Letter received today!!! I will show name and original as soon as I will be allowed to.

Let this be the statement of those of us who declare that we belong to the Organization XXXXXXXXXX with headquarters in XXXXXXXX, led by XXXXXXXXX and at the service of our beloved Venezuelan community, whipped by the dictatorial regime, usurpator, terrorist, drug trafficker of the former President Maduro who is today illegally and through the use of force, invading the palace of government.
We have decided to undertake an initiative for the protection, evolution and growth of our community through the planting and production of food, security of our community, thus ensuring our survival and independence, leaving under the ground any intention of the dictatorial regime to want to seize our integrity and our people.
Through our spokespersons and companions who today for causes already known by the world reside outside the country, have managed to touch the hearts of those who believe in freedom, democracy and know the suffering we live today as a community, thus supporting our initiative and project which together we will achieve and soon rebuild our country.
We would like to thank Agouti Decentralized Charity, who, knowing our current situation and thanks to their platform, technology and system of master nodes (masternode), has given us their support financially, we have received the sum of 0.15531 BTC ($590 at the current exchange rate), which translates into an immense light for our humanitarian project.
Mount which we could hardly have obtained on our own from Venezuela for reasons already known, will be used to reactivate agricultural machinery, start food production in our agricultural plot currently recovered and repair aqueducts, thus addressing the most serious problem that plagues us today, the shortage of basic services, giving rise to future evolutionary activities.
Our eternal gratitude to Agouti Decentralized Charity for giving the first and most important impulse to our growth initiative as an enterprising humanitarian organization. Lives will be saved, people fed and young educated, the future shines, it’s time to start, we’re doing well.

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