Testing, Testing…..

New Agouti blockchain is nearly ready. We are still in the tests phase. EVERYTHING will change. No more failed Proof of Stake. No more hickups. Details of swap procedure will be explained soon.


New Logo!

Well, maybe just cosmetic changes, but looks sleek. As our motto says: The Bright Side Of The Blockchain, we needed more colours and joy in that sad world we live in.


Our first budget proposal money are on the way to receiver in Venezuela. Not a lot , but even that will help.

…and Agouti is in February issue of 21Cryptos!!!!

Giveaway is up and running.

First round finished with 135 answers, making total of 33 750 AGU.

Second round is going well. Higher stake, 300 AGU now , but question tougher as well.


Easy masternode setup

One of the easiest  Agouti masternode setups provided by 01vps .
You can find them on https://01vps.net
Good VPS for very competitive price!
Manual how to install is here: https://01vps.net/secure/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/27/How-to-setup-your-Agouti-Masternode-on-01VPSnet.html

End of swap.

All done.  Swap ended. All LUQ returned.
We can now start second stage. Giveaway!
…and there’s plenty of coins waiting for that!